5 Steps to Hypnotize Your Customers and Make More Sales

Up 5 Steps to Hypnotize Your Customers and Make More Sales

What you should do !


1. Writing an Attention Grabbing Headline

Always start with the “How to’s and list-type of  headlines”,always work , e.g. “7 Steps to Grab Attention” ,”How to be a Leader”, ‘Why should you be a Leader”,etc.   I wont go deep into this because this article is more about writing persuasive body copy than headlines.

2. A Hook for Prospect’s Attention

Use only one or two sentences to generate curiosity from your reader.  Remember, there’s always more than one method.  Seek to visualize a specific scenario in your prospect’s mind that could possibly happen.   Should he follow (or ignore) your advice  or expose the frustration or negative emotions associated in a specific challenge your prospect is facing.  Sprinkle in some emotionally charged words lie “sick and tired” “demoralized” “embarrassed”  and “exhausted” so they feel you understand their situation.

3. Establish authority

Highlight one strong reason why the reader should trust whatever you are about to say.  It could be your experience in a certain field, some sort of result you achieved, finding you gather from research.

4. Agitates the reader’s problem

Before offering your solution, talk about  your prospect’s problem first.  As with your hook describe the problem visually and situationally with emotional words.  People often makes decisions based on emotions and later justify it with logic;  so don’t forget to stir up feelings associated with your customers’ problems by sprinkling with more words to sell.

5. Offer the Relief by Revealing the Solution

Simply state the method you use to solve your prospects’ problem in an easy way for them to get your product  Usually, breaking it in bullet points or steps will do. Shows proof that the solution works to increase credibility this can be pictures, testimonial, etc. 

If you follow these steps carefully  you would be able to convert prospects into loyal customers for life !

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